USCIS-Case-BatchQuery – v19.02.02

So, it has been one year since I applied for my OPT. Now I am waiting for my STEM OPT Extension. I think it is time to give this tool a refresh. This time, the refreshed application is created using Node.js, and integrated GUI with Electron.js.

alt text

Theoretically, the code should be able to run on all platforms. I am providing x64 binaries for Windows and Linux.

If you would like to run it on other platform, please take a look at Electron Documentation, they have detailed instructions on how to use their prebuilt binaries. There are some pre-built binaries for other platform available here.

Basically everything works just like before. Multi-threaded scraping. Just set up scrape controlling conditions and hit the Start button. The program will spawn several threads and start to check those USCIS Receipt Numbers.

You will get:

  • Form – Only available if USCIS explicitly says which category the case belongs to
  • Case Status – A summary of current status
  • Detailed Status – The original paragraph on USCIS result page
  • Update Date – Date of last USCIS activity

Removed database related functions because they are simply … worthless for this app.



程序员的段子 “手持两把锟斤拷,口中疾呼烫烫烫”



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AJAX HeartBeats

var Hz = 2; // tick frequency

function tick() {
    .then(function(response) {

setInterval(tick, 1000/Hz);
The Best Useless App on Play Store

The Best Useless App on Play Store

I came across an app called “Useless” today. This is the best app I’ve ever seen on Google Play Store.

Extremely clean. I mean, no GUI, not even command line interface. It does have an app icon though, but as soon as you click on the icon it automatically closes itself.

So that’s why its name is “Useless”. Great name dude!

Bypass the ISP Restriction on Port 80

A couple of days ago, my friend Jeffery registered a new domain name. He pointed that domain to his in-house server and realized that his Internet Service Provider, Cox Communications, has blocked some common ports, namely 80 and 443, to prevent customers using their internet service to host websites.

As a result, Jeffery had to append the port number explicitly, which is not only a pain in life but also a significant impact on SEO. So he came to me for help, and I made him satisfy by using an Apache reverse-proxy server.

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URL Shortening

URL Shortening

Two days ago, I had something that I would like to share with my friends, so I uploaded it to my personal file sharing server. The sharing URL was long (about 60 characters), it could be a hard time for people who want to access the file.

Shortened URL is needed, but none of the existed URL shortening services satisfy my need. I end up making my own URL shortening system using PHP+MySQL in just 5 minutes.

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Get an Estimate Processing Time of USCIS Cases

Get an Estimate Processing Time of USCIS Cases


The USCIS’s case progress lookup tool does not give you an estimate waiting time for the decision of your case. However, by sending thousands of queries to the USCIS website, we can estimate our waiting time base on other cases’ status.

I developed this small app for my personal use. If anyone else wants to use it feel free to do that. But be aware that if you send a large amount of query in a short time, you may be considered abusing the lookup tool, or even considered performing DoS attack against the gov, and you may get IP-banned or any further punishments. You have been warned.

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